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Yorkton United Football Club is proud to be a Canada Soccer MA Level 1 Club License holder. This license allows our players access to a high level of competition in Saskatchewan; namely PSL and 9 a-side Indoor Provincial Championship. One of the license's requirements is to operate a Canada Soccer Skill Centre.

This change took place in our Fall 2023/Winter 2024 season and has seen the successful amalgamation of the community and club programs in a dedicated Skill Centre for U9, U11, and U13 programs.  

Our Skill Centre’s goal is to provide all young players between the ages of 6 and 12 with the best possible environment to play, developing not only skills, but a love of the game. This aligns nationally with the best principles in player development.

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Skill Centre Principles

As player development doesn’t follow a linear path, we can only guess which players at early ages will develop to elite levels. This understanding stresses the importance that all players have equal access to the best environment for as long as possible!

#1 Soccer is Fun for All.

By ensuring the element of fun is included during training and play, the love and interest in the game is strengthened. This leads players to stay engaged in the program longer, further developing skills. Equal opportunity for players to play soccer is a cornerstone of the program.

#2 Training Through Play.

For players to effectively develop, skills should be learned through small-sided games with conditions or tasks that recreate game problems using one of the 4 moments of play (attacking, defending, transition to attack and transition to defend) for the players to solve. This is a departure from traditional training methods, moving away from “drills” where players perform skills in isolation from the game and from game based decisions.

#3 Lots of Touches on the Ball

The more contact time players at this age get with the ball, the better! The goal will be to create a training environment that leads to players developing ball mastery.  If a player doesn’t have a soccer ball,  we have some gently used soccer balls we can give to a player at no charge, ensuring they have the opportunity to play soccer away from training.

#4 Meaningful Feedback

Parents can expect to receive program goals and meaningful feedback on the development of their child. Parents have a vital role to play in the development of their child in soccer. Clear communication of goals and feedback will help align parents’ and coaches’ support as the player develops.

Yorkton United FC has partnered with SkillShark, a player evaluation platform that will allow the coaches to effectively provide feedback 3 times per block and players to self-assess at the midpoint of the season to help create a development plan for the player.

Program Details

We will be offering programs in 3 age groups; U9, U11 and U13.  Programs are organized by age and gender, but are flexible depending on the needs of the player. Players will have the option of training one, two, three or four days a week! Dates and times are listed below under each program.


Spring block will run from April 29th to June 22nd.


Players will be split into groups of 8-10 players. Each group will be led through 4 stations per practice with one station always being a game. Groups will always be split by gender. Groups will then be fluid,  changing each session, grouped by age, school, physical size, etc.

U9 Skill Centre

For players born in 2015 & 2016, we will be offering training 75 min sessions on 4 different days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday. 6:00 Until 7:15 pm at the Logan Green Soccer Pitches. Players can sign up to train 1, 2, 3, or 4 days a week. 

U11 Skill Centre

For players born in 2013 & 2014, we will be offering training 90 min sessions on 4 different days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday. 6:00 Until 7:30 pm at the Logan Green Soccer Pitches. Players can sign up to train 1, 2, 3, or 4 days a week. 

U13 Skill Centre

For players born in 2011 & 2012, we will be offering training 90 min sessions on 4 different days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday. 6:00 Until 7:30 pm at the Logan Green Soccer Pitches. Players can sign up to train 1, 2, 3 or 4 days a week. 

Game Days

Over the course of each block, we will be scheduling 2-3 game days on either Saturday or Sunday. These game days will be in various formats, intra-skill centre games, games against other clubs, Dutch Festivals, 3v3 tournaments, etc. These days will be scheduled at the beginning of each block. We will ask you to ensure attendance for these games is communicated through our TeamLinkt App or by filling out a survey that will be emailed. It is important that these are complete so we can create teams ahead of the games.

Competition Weekends and Tournaments

All players will have the option of signing up to play in the competition weekends. A fee of $100 per block will cover the fees for the competition listed below and can be added anytime during the season.

Spring Block
Moose Jaw, May 10-12
Weyburn, June 7-9 

Schedule and Fees

Register for the Spring 2024 program before Feb 29th to receive an early bird discount ($10). After March 31 a late fees ($10) will be applied.


Skill Centre Base Fee - $125

  • One-time fee for the outdoor season (April to Aug 2024)
  • SSA & RAMP Fees
  • Skill Centre Training Jersey (if you are a returning player you will not receive another jersey and a $30 discount will be applied to your registration)
  • Player Feedback Report Card

Training Fee - $40
A fee of $40 per day you sign up for. 

Inclusive Environment

Yorkton United FC believes in providing an inclusive environment for our programs. Although we are limit registrations due program capacities, everyone is invited to register.   

Our training groups are fluid, allowing us to modify our training environments to allow us to adjust to player’s individual needs. 

If the registration fee is a barrier to play, please contact us and we can help you apply for financial assistance through JumpstartKidsports or YUFC athlete assistance program.

Volunteer Bonds

Each player is required to log 4 volunteer hours with the club. A bond of $100 is due before the start of the season and is returned at the end of the season once hours are completed.
Examples of volunteer opportunities:

  • coaching
  • helping with events 
  • field maintenance
  • Team manager 
  • Board Member

Other options are:

  • Buy Out at the beginning of the season for $100. This means the only other obligation is to sell the one ticket book per player and no other volunteer funds or time is required.
  • Sell 4 raffle books in lieu of volunteering

Jersey Deposit - *for those who signed up for competition weekends.

A jersey deposit of $100 is required prior to receiving your game jerseys. Deposits can be cheque, cash or e-transfer, and are returned at the end of the season when the jersey is returned in good condition. If your jersey is lost, or not returned, the $100 will be kept at the club to be used for jersey replacement.

Raffle Tickets

Due to the success of our last few raffles, Yorkton United will again be running a spring raffle with exciting prizes to be won! Each player will be required to sell one book of tickets (10 tickets per book at $5.00 each) 
If you are choosing to sell ticket books in place of your volunteer commitment, you will be required to sell 4 books.

Ticket books will be handed to the Club teams first and those choosing to sell as their volunteer bond. Should there be tickets left over, we will open the selling up to our community players wishing to sell.
Raffle ticket profits are put into a soccer legacy fund to assist with future projects to enhance our soccer community.

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